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video visualisation October 20, 2006

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Found some time to do development on the initial JPEGs i uploaded a while back. I’ve taken a bunch of video streams (youtube, bittorent, stuff streamed from static sites etc etc), images (JPEGs and PNGs mainly from all over the place. -Flickr was too easy in the end) and RSS text feeds (from all over) and thrown them together in a really simple way using a minimum of filters and timing structures.

The result is quite loose but kinda nice i think.

I’ve also added a “queueing-playing-played” device to the bottom, to allow the user to orientate themselves to the content. i guess you could click on these to go to the source or something. Ultimately it would be nice to have the whole thing interactive, clicking through from or playing with items on the screen.

Let me know what you think.