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Screen grabs from Video Mixer v1-2 August 11, 2006

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Some late night screen grabs from the video mixer prototype

Full details tomorrow, just enjoy the visuals for now..





datamame: Gavin Baily August 1, 2006

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I’ve been talking to artist/coder Gavin Baily about Datama and showing him around vvvv. He produced with Tom Corby a really fascinating project called CYCLONE.SOC, which described in their own words is:-

A bringing together two contemporary phenomena:-

  • severe weather, the project uses weather data that charts the emergence and progress of hurricanes.
  • the polarized nature of debate that occurs in certain online newsgroup forums.

The CYCLONE.SOC application is available to download from here. Videos of the application in action are here.

Gavin’s interest is in Datama is based upon the repurposing of RSS/API feeds and how that data can be re-used/re-read/re-thought for social and political commentary. He’ll be chipping in words of wisdom and a possibly a few prototype ideas to this blog.

Gavin – stand up to the ‘blog mic’ when you have a chance and say hello.

RSS aesthetics July 31, 2006

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RSS feeds aren’t just for reading ;0′

Here’s some grabs from a little vvvv patch that grabs the RSS of my most recently played tracks (according to last.fm) and throws them around the screen in a votex kinda way…

The patch..

vvvvideo spread tests July 30, 2006

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Some idle playing with video spreads in vvvv; just patch practising really, but interesting to see the effects of mixing two video steam and judge the readability. Videos (here and here) are from the Internet Archive and ran locally on the client machine.

More screen shots from the patch are here.

Another grab:

The vvvv patch (video spread2-1.v4p):

There’s a couple of videos of the patch in action.

They’re a little jerky as the capture was done straight out of vvvv to the computer and the frame rate just cant keep up with read and write happening at the same time.

Render 1

Render 2

datama prototype in vvvv July 29, 2006

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I’ve had a stab at building a basic prototype in VVVV. It’s been a while since I’ve vvvvooled around, but it’s so nice to be ‘making’ again.

Right, the basic application pulls an RSS feed, playbacks video (locally) and pulls in a website, puts each piece of media on a quad layer, animates them and renders in a single screen. Doesn’t look very pretty at the mo, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Having a nightmare trying to work out how to pull video off the web and play within VVVV. I’ll post a shout on the vvvvorums about this.

Here’s a few screen grabs of what the application generates at present:-

Automated mixing of video, RSS and HTML. #1

Automated mixing of video, RSS and HTML. #2

Automated mixing of video, RSS and HTML. #3

Visualisation July 27, 2006

Posted by jodyallen in Datama!, Visuals.

Okay, so i’ve been working on some visuals to flesh out the schematics we have in place…

They’re just some stills for now, basically grabs out of After Effects from a bunch of video streams i’m trying to weld together. Hopefully they should help demonstrate the datama principle, maybe even spark a bit of inspiration.

Trying to keep it really simple for the moment, using a minimum of filters and concentrating on working up a system approach to layout that might spark an idea somewhere down the line.

Feedback would be great. -A journey of a thousand miles and all that…

Jody. x