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It’s really easy to play a part in the datama project. Here’s a few suggestions..

If you spot a website that you think is of interest to the project, tag it using de.licio.us with a ‘datama’ tag

On the left hand column of this blog you can see what has recently been tagged. Click here to see everything that has been tagged with ‘datama’.

If you want to be associated with the project, you can tag your own blog / website / myspace page / last.fm profile page etc etc with the ‘datamame’ tag. You can see a list of participants on the left hand column, yep – over there to the left. Click here to see a list of all participants.

If you use last.fm and think that the track you’re listening to worthy of inclusion to the datama project, tag it with ‘datama’. Click here for the list of tracks tagged so far.

There is a Youtube datama group set up so you can bookmark to videos that inspire the project.
If you’re uploading video as part of the collection of visualisation demos, tag it with ‘datamademo’

If you use Flickr, you can tag your images/photos you think are relevant to datama, with, yes you guessed it, the ‘datama’ tag. There is also a public datama Flickr group to post images to and a RSS feed to track the conversation about the images you post to this group.

You can also tag images/photos in Flickr with del.icio.us, just use the ‘datama’ tag.

The general discusison forum is on Yahoo!
You can post questions to the group using this email address datama [at] yahoogroups [dot] com

Technorati has been set up to track blogs that tag articles with datama, so if you’re writing about something you think might be relevant, just tag it with ‘datama’.

Yes, there’s even a datama Frappr map set up if you want to, erm, put yourself on the map!

The projects repository at SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/datama
Please see the development page for more details about this.



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